Visualizing Finance

February 11 – April 7, 2012 Main Gallery

Carl Richards’s simple sketches make complex financial concepts easy to understand for thousands of people every week on the Bucks blog on the Richards’ art, which is part of a larger movement that he refers to as Visualizing Finance, will also appear in his first book, The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways To Stop Doing Dumb Things With Money (Portfolio/Penguin, January 2012). The Kimball Art Center is the first venue to present Richards’ sketches in an exhibition that coincides with the release of two catalogues of his work. The work of freelance artists from major publications such as The Economist will also appear in the exhibition.

Each A.R.T.S tour for the Vizualizing Finance exhibit will include a 45 minute guided tour as well as a 45 minute art project. For the art project, students will be asked to create a piggy bank after learning about financial terms and concepts such as needs versus wants. Students will use many mixed media materials during this art project. After the piggy banks have been created, students will get to take them home and apply some of the math and finance concepts they learn about.

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