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100% Women: Three exhibitions of works by established and emerging women artists

100% Women takes inspiration from the Guerrilla Girls and other activist artists calling attention to gender inequality in the art world. The Guerrilla Girls use statistics to illustrate the lack of women artists shown in museums and galleries.

The Kimball Art Center strives to show acclaimed artwork regardless of gender, however we are happy to share this statistic as our galleries will feature women artists in three exhibitions about human communication:

  • Out of Sight / In the Mind
  • Susan Cofer: Drawings from 1977-2006
  • Lost in Translation...

Out of Sight / In the Mind

Bonnie Sucec & Susan Beck

Main Gallery

FEBRUARY 13 - APRIL 12, 2015

Sucec and Beck do collaborative paintings and drawings. One artist will work on a piece in their studio, call the other on the telephone to describe what the artwork looks like, and then the other works on their own version of the described painting. This process forces the two artists to combine the verbal and the visual in a unique and interesting way.

Susan Cofer: Drawings from 1977-2006

Susan Cofer

Garage Gallery

FEBRUARY 13 - APRIL 19, 2015

Cofer, an artist based in Georgia, meditatively draws layer upon layer of vertical lines on paper. Over time these small, seemingly insignificant marks build to create forceful abstractions that communicate the artist’s durational practice and translate her unconscious onto paper.

Lost in Translation...

Sandra Doore

Badami Gallery

FEBRUARY 27 - APRIL 12, 2015

Doore is an artist as well as an educator. She is interested in a consumer driven culture and how it affects the sense of self. Her current investigations into texting as a co-cultural existence and her fascination with multimodal talk are influenced by the idea that interaction occurs “not between the sender and the recipient but between their embodied representation in each other’s mind” (Agnieszka Knas): our sense of self is in constant flux and is guided by what we think is real. This body of work, titled Lost in Translation, explores texting and how it affects the sense of self…an investigation/reflection of/on texting and its influences on human psyche, personal relationships and a society as a whole.

Over the Moon and Under the Sea

Wasatch Back Student Art Show &
Young Artist Academy Showcase

Main & Badami Galleries

APRIL 24 - MAY 17, 2015

Wasatch Back Teacher Art Show

Garage Gallery

APRIL 24 - MAY 17, 2015



Submission deadline: 12am, Monday, March 30, 2015

For the first time he Kimball Art Center is pleased to announce that the annual Wasatch Back Student Art Show will feature work by teachers working in Summit and Wasatch County School. The show will feature artwork that incorporate the theme, “Over The Moon, Under The Sea.” ...

Svavar Jonatansson and Jared Steffensen

Main Gallery

MAY 28 - AUGUST 16, 2015

Jonatansson and Steffensen have very different but connected ways of documenting their experiences in the landscape. Jonatansson (based in Iceland) uses timelapsed and still photography, music and video, to document the stark and imperfect beauty of Utah, photographing along the highways and biways of our state. Steffensen (based in Utah) creates installations which comment on the absurdity, mythology, and constructed ideals around human relationships to landscapes. This exhibition will contrast these disparate views of Utah to inspire the viewer to rethink their own relationship with the landscape.

Ranger Doug

Garage Gallery

MAY 22 - AUGUST 28, 2015

Inspired by WPA-era serigraphs used to advertise America’s national parks, Ranger Doug’s work is both aesthetically and historically significant. These original prints tell the story of both a specific place and time in our history. The Work Progress Administration (WPA) was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of unemployed people to carry out public works projects. Hiring artists to make advertisements for national parks was just one of many New Deal projects. Ranger Doug researched and salvaged these historic designs to create contemporary serigraphs for today’s national parks.

Faith Hagenhofer

Badami Gallery

MAY 28 - AUGUST 28, 2015

Hagenhofer lives in Olympia, Washington on a ranch where she raises rams and vegetables for making felted wool and dyes. Her work is about her personal relationship to the land and water, sustainability, and using artifacts to create myths.

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