Corporate Sponsors

Kimball Art Center has many opportunities for corporations to reach our visitors and members. By supporting a program or event, companies help to keep the Kimball Art Center Free and Open to the public while exposing their brands and services to our audiences. To learn more or discuss opportunities further, please call the Kimball Art Center.

Current Sponsors that support Kimball Art Center’s programs:

Foundations & Public Funders

Kimball Art Center receives substantial support from foundations and public funders which help to keep all the Exhibitions and Educational Outreach Programs functioning year-round and free of charge. Funders also support some of our events including Park City Kimball Arts Festival, Charity Lift, Arts Talks and Gallery Strolls.

Current Foundations and Public Funders that underwrite Kimball Art Center’s programs:

Kimball Art Center is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 center for the arts that requires sponsorship, foundation and public funding to remain free and open to the public year round. As of December 31, 2012, the Kimball Art Center has served over 96,000. Please consider supporting our programs.

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