Adam Greener's 'Spiral Bound' exhibit is now at the Kimball Art Center

Artist reaches for his inner child

The Park Record – December 6, 2013

While attending high school, many students doodle on notebook paper when they should be listening to their teachers.

They draw comic-book characters, band logos, trees, bicycles. Students even come up with their own type of calligraphy and write notes to each other, only to be horrified when a teacher intercepts a one and ... (read more)

Treasures from Park City homes at the Kimball Art Center

‘PC Collects II’ features local, private collections

Salt Lake Tribune - November 16, 2013

In 2011, Kimball Art Center debuted "PC Collects," an exhibition of works by renowned artists that are found in private collections of Park City residents.

The show was such a success that the Kimball Art Center recently opened "PC Collects II," which will be on display through Jan. 5. (read more)

Park City Collects

Art Appreciation 101 at the Kimball Art Center

Salt Lake Magazine - November 13, 2013

Long before street graffiti-artist Banksy left his signature tags around Park City during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, public art has been at the helm of the Summit County community. While the collective art is largely accessible en masse, private art collections are, more often than not, exactly that: private treasures off-limits to all but a few people. (read more)

Elementary Students to Receive Arts Education

EVA Program instilled at all four PCSD elementary schools

The Park Record - October 15, 2013

The Park City Education Foundation and the Kimball Art Center have worked together to create an Elementary Visual Arts Program, known as the EVA Program, to ensure that all elementary students in the Park City School District receive a visual arts education.

Jenny Diersen, education director at the Kimball Art Center, said she and other Art Center officials worked with the Education Foundation to come up with lesson plans for the classes at each elementary.

"We created lesson plans that include the Utah CORE curriculum in these classes, whether we talk about an artist's birthday and use math to find ... (read more)

The Kimball Art Center will open 'Soldier Boy, Soldier Girl'

Lynn Blodgett's photographs pay tribute to U.S. Armed Forces veterans

The Park Record - October 15, 2013

While photographer Lynn Blodgett was shooting images for his award-winning book "Finding Grace: The Face of America's Homeless" in 2007, he noticed that many of the men he photographed were veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

"It struck me how many of them were in this situation," Blodgett said during an interview with The Park Record. "I heard, once, that 80 percent of the homeless male population in Los Angeles, are vets. And that's just staggering and it also seems screwed up, because they don't even have the basics of life." (read more)

Jenny Dierson on KPCW - Kimball Overview Highlighting Fall & Winter Classes

October 15, 2013

The Kimball Art Center is offering more than 80 classes this Fall and Winter and registration is underway. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more ... (listen here)

Soldier Boy, Soldier Girl @ Kimball Art Center

Artists of Utah 15 Bytes - October 14, 2013

The vividly lit portraits feature two soldiers—one male, one female—dressed in the military uniforms of every war ever fought by the United States. While the weaponry and clothing change from image to image, the models remain the same, embodying the constant human element of warfare. Even as the style and appearance of war adapts over time, the bravery, valor and dignity of soldiers never changes—nor does the human cost of armed conflict.

Of the inspiration for this work, Blodgett explains ... (read more)

Buying Love in Park City

Salt Lake Magazine - October 10, 2013

Vail Resorts, new owner of , took a half-a-million-dollar step towards turning the public-relations corner in Park City.

The Colorado-based corporation had not been greeted with overwhelming warmth after taking over Canyons Resort from Talisker Corp. and pledging to oversee a rancorous lawsuit against Park City Mountain Resort, which many perceive as a “local” operation. (read more)

2013 Park City Kimball Arts Festival, Photo Gallery

Salt Lake Magazine - August, 2013

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival was held on Park City's Main Street from Aug. 2–4. Locals and visitors came to see work by 220 artists representing a dozen mediums, from metalwork to photography, and hear live music from acts like blues band Bastard Redheads and 12-year-old Sofia Dion. Foodies at the fest enjoyed artisan foods, like ... (read more)

In Utah's Park City, cycling and sculpture a natural team

Salt Lake Tribune - August 7, 2013

Park City, Utah – Take a pile of torn-up racing bikes. Create a work of art. Sell it for a good cause. The challenge raised eyebrows among artists and others this summer when it came from Kimball Art Center curator Hilary Nitka. "People were like, ‘You’re doing what?’ " Nitka said. But Park City is "such a cycling paradise," and home to a growing arts community, that the idea took. The pART Project, sponsored by bike manufacturer SRAM, is on display ... (read more)


July 8, 2013

Park City, Utah - The Kimball Art Center and internationally acclaimed bike part manufacturer SRAM have teamed up to showcase a new art exhibit: SRAM pART Project/Park City. This exhibition is philanthropic in nature with proceeds from sales going to World Bicycle Relief and the Kimball Art Center. Park City will be the fourth location to...(read more)

The New Yorker

September 10, 2012

At thirty-seven, Bjarke Ingels—who recently moved from Denmark to New York, in part, so that he could oversee construction of a giant white wedge of an apartment building that will fill most of an empty block on West Fifty-seventh—is in the first rank of international architects,...(read more)

Park Record

August 7, 2012

Fine art from across the country, food and entertainment were the draws on Main Street last weekend. It appears the Park City Kimball Arts Festival, held last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, enjoyed strong numbers, the organizers said early in the week. The Kimball Art Center will not finalize attendance numbers for a few weeks...(read more)

Park Record

August 3, 2012

In February, after a highly publicized contest to select an architect, a specially convened jury selected the 80-foot-high railroad trestle tower concept submitted by Bjarke Ingels' firm BIG. The bold design garnered international attention and stirred some controversy among local residents....(read more)

Deseret News

August 1, 2012

Featuring 214 artists from more than 28 states showcasing their work in 12 categories, the Part City Kimball Arts Festival, one of the oldest and largest arts festivals in the West, will be held Aug. 3-5 on Park City's historic Main Street...(read more)

Sunday In The Park

July 27, 2012

When new artists embark on their careers, they are armed with knowledge they learned in school, which usually covers how to create their art, but doesn't tell them how to establish themselves and find gallery representation. That's why the Kimball Art Center conceived its Relevant Artist program two years ago as part of the Park City Kimball Art Festival, said Chris Brady, director of multimedia and special projects for the KAC...(read more)

Utah Boomer's Magazine

July 20, 2012

The 43rd Annual Park City Kimball Arts Festival is highlighting new and returning culinary programs to this year’s event. New this year is the Utah Artisan Tasting, featuring carefully selected local food purveyors who use fresh, organic and local ingredients...(read more)

Fox 13 Now

July 5, 2012

President of Services for Xerox Corporation and Utah resident, Lynn Blodgett, will speak at the Kimball Art Center’s July Art Talk on Thursday, July 12th, at 6:00 pm. The event is free to the public and will highlight his publication, “Finding Grace: The Face of America’s Homeless....(read more)

Salt Lake Tribune

June 11, 2012

The annual Park City historic home tour, a fundraiser for the Park City Museum, is Saturday, June 16, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. T his year’s tour features not only homes but churches and a former school that has been renovated into a hotel, the Washington School House Hotel. Also included in the tour is the National Garage (now High West Distillery) and the Kimball Garage (now the Kimball Art Center). The self-guided tour ends at Zoom Restaurant for a reception and Preservation Awards Ceremony between 3 and 5 p.m...(read more)

Outdoor Industry Association

June 1, 2012

Horny Toad is pleased to announce the opening of brand ambassador R.Nelson Parrish’s art exhibit at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, UT. Parrish, a former ski racer, combines his love of both sport and art in this installation, entitled COLOR/FAST, that will run from June 2, 2012 to July 29th, 2012....(read more)

Salt Lake Tribune

June 8th, 2012

Marilyn E. Modling passed away on May 28, 2012. Marilyn was born on June 27, 1919 in Ogden, Utah to Ellen Scowcroft and Joseph Merrill Eccles. She spent most of her life in Ogden...(read more)

Young Inventors at the Kimball Art Center

June 6, 2012

If you wonder when science becomes art you might have enjoyed seeing young inventors (YI’s) create all sorts of working vehicles during the week of April 9th at the Kimball Art Center. One big difference to school science is that “YI’s” are encouraged to combine key materials, and components, in any way they want – there is no set goal other than to follow the workshop’s theme. The theme for the week was, “Vehicles,” and the workshop inventors created some amazing contraptions such as a solar powered submarine...(read more)

Capturing the Speed of Color

May 25, 2012

Parrish will celebrate his career in art with his first solo exhibit, at the Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Ave., beginning with an opening reception for KAC members on Saturday, June 2, at 6 p.m. The works, which will feature colorful resin-on-wood wall hangings, totems and videos, will be on display to the public in the main gallery until July 29. "I can't wait to come to Park City," Parrish said. "I will take any excuse to go there. I love the Kimball, Park City and love everyone who works at the Kimball. I couldn't be more excited than to have my first solo show there. It's an honor, treat and privilege."...(read more)

Finding Art in Everyday Items

May 22, 2012

Art isn't just found in works by the masters Picasso, Degas, Rembrandt and Monet. Art can be found anywhere, whether it's spray-painted on a brick wall or crafted from throwaway debris or even in the shape of a water bottle. In fact, Canice Harte, CEO of Waterbox, a Park City-based company, and vice president of licensing and innovation for Penguin Brands, makes his livelihood creating water bottle art and he is ready to share his thoughts with the public....(read more)

New York Times

April 23, 2012

How to Protect Yourself From Your Own Investing Ignorance by Carl Richards, recently featured Kimball Art Center artist...(read more)

Park City Magazine

April 14th, 2012

(Park City, Utah) – Students from Summit and Wasatch counties will have art pieces on display in the main gallery of the Kimball Art Center from April 14th until May 27th. The student artists span from kindergarteners to high school seniors and each used everyday objects in their creations.....(read more)

Park City Magazine

April 19th, 2012

Park City, Utah – In celebration of April being Poetry Month, poet, novelist, and editor Katharine Coles is speaking and reading her poetry at the Kimball Art Center’s Art Talk on Thursday, April 19th at 6pm. Coles is the author of several collections of poetry including Fault (2008), Utah Book Award-winner The Golden Years of the Fourth Dimension (2001), and The One Right Touch (1992)....(read more)

Historic Park City Utah

April 2nd, 2012

Last June, Park City photographer Rebekah Stevens embarked on a volunteer trip with Kid’s Play Int’l to Gatagara, Rwanda where she worked with local children to build a sporting facility and helped create an after school sports program. Rebekah’s photographic works that resulted from this unique volunteer project will be featured during a special reception and exhibit, “Faces of Change: The Children of Gatagara, Rwanda,” at the Kimball Art Center on Friday, April 6, 6-9 p.m....(read more)

Architect Magazine

April 3rd, 2012

Copenhagen-based BIG’s new addition to the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah, expands exhibition space for the center, which serves as both a community hub and a theater for Sundance House, a screening venue for the 10-day Sundance Film Festival...(read more)

Sunday In The Park

April 3rd, 2012

For the first time in three years, the Utah Office of Tourism received a budget increase from the Utah Legislature, an increase of $2M. The increase came with a specific caveat from the Legislature: 20 percent of the total $9M budget must go toward co-op marketing, a matching grant program that funds tourism-focused efforts of nonprofits such as the Park City Chamber/Bureau and the Kimball Arts Center...(read more)

Patricia Dever Memorial

March 10, 2012

Patricia Ellen (Savage) Dever died Tuesday, March 1, 2012, of an aneurism while scuba diving in Grand Cayman. She was 71. Mrs. Dever was born April 26, 1941, in Price, Utah, to William and Jean Savage...(read more) Announces Kimball Competition Winner

February 11, 2012

He plans to build an 80-foot-tall tower by stacking former railway planks at a slight spiral so that the entire structure will appear to change directions midway up, like a game of Jenga gone askew. Inside, a restaurant will sit on the building's lobby floor while a cantilevered, wooden staircase...(read more)

Sunday In The Park

March 16, 2012

The talk the other night at the Kimball Art Center, by Dr. Chris Johnson from the University of Utah, was fascinating, showing us the beautiful intersection of art and science. Randomness in theory and strings. Explaining in drawings...(read more)

Kimball Art Center Announces Relevant 2012 Artist Residence Program

March 29, 2012

The Kimball Art Center’s Relevant Artist-in-Residence program brings together a select group of talented undergraduate and graduate-level art students from across the country for an 8-day artist-in-residence (July 28th - August 4th) focusing on sculpture, painting, mixed media and photography...(read more)

Must-See Art on a Napkin: Carl Richards at the Kimball Art Center

March 27, 2012

If you like art that makes you think, laugh and learn, here’s what you do: Go the the Kimball Art Center and check out the Carl Richards exhibit in the Main Gallery. That’s exactly what I did on Saturday evening during a champagne visit hosted by Park City’s The Washington School House Hotel (topping the list of the town’s top chic hotspots)...(read more)

Art-Center Recipe: Take Log Cabin, Skew, Inflate

February 11, 2012

Park City, the Utah mountain town best known for catering to skiers and the Sundance Film Festival, now wants to attract art lovers by housing its local art center in a towering, half-twisted log cabin...(read more)

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