You Are Here

Svavar Jonatansson and Jared Steffensen

Main Gallery

MAY 29 - AUGUST 30, 2015

You Are Here presents two unique views of Utah. It begins with Inland/Outland: Utah—a multidisciplinary project by Icelandic artist Svavar Jonatansson and Utah-based composers Matthew Durrant and Devin Maxwell. Their four short films comprised of timelapse video and original music create a mesmerizing and objective-minded look at the majesty of Utah’s landscapes. In contrast, Utah-based artist Jared Steffensen’s work reconstructs the state’s identity through appropriated movie footage that is filmed in Utah but depicts a different place in the movie’s plot—Arizona, New Mexico, and even Mars. These two complimenting examinations of Utah pull into focus our own awareness, misconceptions, and perceptions of our surroundings.

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