photo by Carla Boecklin

Next Steps for the Kimball Art Center

Thank you for your interest surrounding the Kimball Art Center’s plans for renovation and expansion. As many of you already know, The Kimball Art Center’s application for renovation and construction of new facilities has been denied by Park City.

While the Kimball has the right to appeal the decision, our Board of Directors has decided NOT TO APPEAL the City’s decision. Instead, our non-profit organization will look at alternative sites outside of Historic Park City to continue to serve the community.

We have received many comments expressing disappointment with the City’s actions, and we too are disappointed with the outcome. From the beginning, the Board and the Kimball Art Center have been committed to staying within Old Town in our current location.

For the past several years, the KAC has been gathering input from the community to learn what the residents of Park City want to see in a larger and enhanced community art center. The process has been thoughtful, lengthy, inclusive, and once again, shows the Kimball’s commitment to listening to those they serve.

The Kimball worked for many months with city representatives for input on how to best move forward with a viable design. Numerous changes to the most recent design have been costly for the Kimball, and proved to be ineffective in getting the support of the city. The historic building where the Kimball operates now is no longer a viable location for the Kimball to serve the community.

We truly believed that we were putting Park City’s needs before our own, as the cost of operating two campuses, which is not efficient or financially wise for our community art center, was how we had hoped to stay in Old Town. These efforts were being made to preserve and continue our 40-year legacy in the heart of Park City.

Now, the Kimball Art Center will begin the process to find a new home elsewhere and will look at the positives this will bring to the programming we can offer to our members, area residents, and seasonal visitors. Our location may change, but our goals remain the same: to provide access to the arts to our community through exhibitions, events and art education.

Again, thank you for your interest. We appreciate your opinions and most importantly your continued support of The Kimball Art Center.

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