Chairs for Charity

Join Vail Resorts and Park City Mountain Resort in supporting 18 local non-profits by voting for your favorite community chair during the Chairs for Charity event. Park City Mountain donated chairs from the loved Motherlode chairlift to be designed by 18 different artists. Which one is the best? Visit the Kimball Art Center - at our new location at 1401 Kearns Boulevard - between Tuesday, December 8 - Thursday, December 10 to cast your vote. The chair with the most votes will bring in extra funds for it’s non-profit. More details about Chairs for Charity and EpicPromise is available at

Click here for the online image gallery to see all 18 chairs.

About Kimball Art Center's Chair:

The Chairmès (pronounced Chair-mez) weaves three seemingly disparate histories – Park City, Kimball Art Center and Hermes – through threads of blue collar roots and the language of color. Using each history as source material, artist R. Nelson Parrish harnesses their shared pallet; creating an object that reflects the common ethos of an artisan/hands-on heritage while simultaneously elevating toward the future.

The history of Park City is currently going through its third evolution: first as a mining town, then as a ski resort, and now, becoming an arts and cultural destination. Kimball Art Center follows a similar path: originally a dilapidated auto garage, then becoming a community arts center, and now evolving into a fine art venue for world-class exhibitions. Paralleling them is Hermes – first as horse harness workshop, then as a quality clothier, and now an international couture icon. Each history shares the same path: origins forged by hand, then elevated into something greater.

These histories are interconnected not only through their evolutionary histories, but also through color. The signature Hermes oranges and blues are found in the logo of Kimball Art Center. These same colors are reflected to that of the Utah landscape: the brilliant orange of the land and the striking blue of the sky that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is through these tones and hues that they are inextricably linked.

Thanks also to Soul Poles, Silver State Inc. and Sewlong Custom Covers for the support.


About R. Nelson Parrish:

R. Nelson Parrish approaches his art as a means of reconciling an ongoing investigation into the subtle contrasts between the natural and man-made conditions and states through the language of color. Born and raised in Alaska, Parrish finds inspiration in both the rugged elements of his native home and his current surroundings in urban southern California. Drawn directly from his experience skiing, racing and surfing—that is, shifting through landscapes at high speeds—the artist translates the blur of movement into brilliant flashes of color which he appropriately entitles, racing stripes. Parrish has as BFA from University of Nevada-Reno and an MFA from the University of California-Santa Barbara. He and his work has been featured in Art Ltd, Visual Art Source, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast, C Magazine, Santa Barbara Magazine, Outside and Vogue. His work has exhibited in both national and international institutions, including BWM Welt, Munich, Germany, the Kimball Art Center, Park City UT, Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, CA, Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, CA, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK. His work is included in the collections of University of Texas Tech, Lolê, Nitro Snowboards, Renown Hospital, Rob Lowe, John Legend, and the Hermes Family.


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