• Artesao - craftsman
  • Haciendas – A large estate or house that many people lived at, usually not from the same family. The owner of the Hacienda was the boss or person incharge of the hacienda. On the estate there would be craftsmen, farm hands, laborers and other working people who lived at the large estate to create wealth for the owner by working their trade.
  • papel de china - tissue paper
  • papel picado - cut paper – A paper decoration usually hung and used in a celebration or event such as a wedding or holiday. This paper decoration is hand cut with various patters of shapes, designs and images.
  • pegamiento - Spanish for glue
  • tijeras - Spanish for scissors
  • Pattern – A series of shapes, colors, designs or other visual elements that repeat in a set sequence or series.
  • Symmetrical - Symmetry is when one shape or object becomes exactly like another if you flip, slide or turn it on an axis. The simplest type of Symmetry is "Reflection" (or "Mirror") Symmetry (see images in supplemental information).
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