Kimball Art Center Expansion & Renovation

The new building design is perfectly aligned with the Kimball Art Center’s mission of presenting engaging art exhibitions, educational opportunities, and events.

  • The new building is designed to comply with Park City’s Land Management Code.

    • The new design adds a 15,000 square foot addition onto the existing Kimball Art Center building. We do not anticipate making any changes to the exterior walls of the existing Kimball Building.

  • In addition to the preservation of the existing building, the new 15,000 sq. ft. expansion will provide:

    • The Kimball Art Center with over 9,000 square feet of museum/exhibition space.
    • Large social areas.
    • Flexible use areas.

    The renovation of the existing building will create spaces for:

    • A Children’s Interactive Discovery Center.
    • An educational studio.
    • Additional administrative spaces.
    • Much needed support areas.

  • This expansion will allow the Kimball Art Center to double in size to 30,000 square feet.

  • Kimball Art Center has been an iconic landmark on Main Street since 1976, and by adding even more exhibition space in our original location, we will continue to help drive tourism to Historic Main Street.

  • The new building was designed by the world-renowned architectural Firm Bjarke Ingles Group, demonstrating that Park City is an emerging national arts destination. In addition to The “BIG Group,” the Elliot Work Group of Park City will be used as the local architect on the project.

  • We anticipate that this project will be privately funded.

  • Once we receive approval, we hope to begin construction in 2015.

  • We also plan on adding a second campus, which will allow us to offer even more opportunities for art appreciation and education.

  • By moving our education studios to a second site, we will be able to:

    • Provide a greater range and frequency of classes.
    • Better parking.
    • Easier accessibility for student drop off.

Plans & Renderings

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