Scrawls on the Walls

Scrawls on the Walls is the Kimball Art Center's first exhibition of street art and was scheduled as a timely response to the recent vandalism of Banksy's Main Street artworks.

In 2010 the worlds most famous street artist, Banksy, visited Park City during the premier of his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, at Sundance. During this time he created ten spray-painted works in Park City and Salt Lake, two of which remain on Main Street. To protect the works from dirt, the weather, and other interference, the owners covered the murals with a layer of glass. On New Years Eve, 2013, the works were intentionally vandalized and the glass broken raising this question in the community: what does it mean to vandalize vandalism?

Scrawls on the Walls brings together local street artists for the first time in a Park City gallery. The gestural mural, controlled spray-paintings on canvas, and model replicas of train graffiti bring insight into the creative practice of some of the most innovative artists in our community.

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